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North Woods Common Scents


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New England's Finest Deer Lures
New England's Finest Deer Lures
New England's Finest Deer Lures

The Finest Whitetail Deer Scents

Here at NWCS, we're all about hunters helping fellow hunters. With over 35 years in the scent industry, it has been the thousands of success stories and pictures sent to us, that keep us doing what we do. We are proud to sell the freshest, purest deer urines we can to you, the Deer Hunter. Each Urine, if used properly, will put deer right where you want them. Of course, the rest is up to you. Right from the beginning, our motto has always been: Our Scents will make you a better Deer Hunter. Period. Increase your odds of success. Use North Woods Common Scents, It’s nothing fancy, just the real McCoy.

100% Fresh, Pure, & Undiluted

Our deer urines come from ATA-certified, CWD-free whitetail farms here in the Northeast. And of course, we guarantee that they'll always be 100% fresh, pure, and undiluted. The buck and doe urine we sell attracts either sex and works great as a cover. Our 'Doe in Heat' scent is collected during the hottest portion of the estrus cycle, and our 'Buck with Tarsal' scent will make him come to you!

*Do Not Apply to Your person.

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Dean and Rachelle Vanier

About Us

Get to Know the Owners of NWCS.

Dean & Rachelle Vanier

Today, after more than 30 years, we still source our urines from the same farms here in the Northeastern United States. All of our urine is 100% pure, undiluted, and poured and labeled by hand. We do this in the late summer and early fall, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. However, this also makes quantities limited. I truly believe that it’s the quality, freshness, and scarcity that makes our Deer Lures so effective. You can’t get this at the big box stores and we only sell to mom and pop shops. There are not Thousands of bottles saturating the deer woods. Looking for your best deer season ever? You have found the answer.

"In the fall, Shelli (my better half) and I hit the road to distribute our products throughout New England, so be sure to ask your local mom and pop shop to carry our products."
— Dean Vanier

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